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Welcome to a RPG Maker calculator!

The following is a calculator for determining the amount of times an Actor using a Class with a specified EXP curve would have to gain a certain amount of EXP before leveling to their next level.

This can be primaily used to determine the correct encounter rates one should set in certain areas along with the amounts of EXP to set for each enemy the Player's party may/will encounter.

Please enjoy!

- SumRndmDde

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Damage Calculator

Set Levels:

Use the following to set the range of levels you wish to focus on.
The "Average Level" parameter is not mandatory; however, it is recommended to be used as a placeholder that represents the level you wish to focus on.

Minimum Level:

Average Level:

Maximum Level:

Set Your EXP Curve:

Simply copy the values from the EXP Curve section of the Class your Actor or Actors are using and input them into here.

Base Value (10-50):

Extra Value (0-40):

Acceleration A (10-50):

Acceleration B (10-50):

EXP Gain from Enemy:

Use this to set the amount of EXP your Actors will gain from defeating a certain Enemy or Troop.
Manipulate this value in order to find the correct number you should use to have your Actor(s) level up the correct amount.

EXP Gain:


Select what you want to see in the results section. You will be shown how much EXP and Enemy Defeats it takes to get to or from each of these levels relative to the specified level.

Previous Level
Next Level
First Level (Lv 1)
Minimum Level
Average Level

(Saving will store all your inputted data into Cookies and will be retreieved once you load.)



[Version 1.00]
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